Its only a good strategy to create a viable environment for your business,and if we agree that people dont buy goods or service if they dont have a sense of need for that item, so it becomes quite necessary for a successful campaign to strategize on generating that sense of need first, to wet the appetite.

for instance the name of my dog is jack and jack doesnt eat processed food but i bought a hotdog (processed food ), came in front of him and started chewing savagely, jack came close and kept licking his mouth and using his eyes to lobby for a single slice, now i successfully created a demand, a hunger in jack for what i have eventhough i know he doesnt like it, now i just used this example to drive the point. 

Demand generation increases audience size by generating interest in a brand, its products, and services, which leads to future conversions and sales.Demand generation is not to be confused with lead generation, despite their similarities. While lead generation focuses on turning your audience into high-quality leads, demand generation is where long-term customer connections are often built.

In business demand creation is the most crucial component for increasing brand awareness, increasing traffic, and attracting new prospects. It's the integration of sales and marketing representatives. So, if you want to build a strong customer funnel, demand creation is just what your firm needs.




This is the first step to personalisation of your email copy,because when your client receives your email they want to feel the connection between their needs and your email so the first step to achieving this is to segment your email based on interest as they subscribe take note of their preference because a thorough understanding of your target audience is the bedrock of any effective marketing strategy.

This knowledge could be liveraged to cater for the requirements of certain groups within a larger audience. This type of segmentation can aid in the personalizing of emails and is essential for assuring the success of an email marketing campaign. Later on, this understanding can be exhibited in the content of emails.

The key information you gather about your email marketing's audience can then be used to segment your lists based on Interests.


People want to be treated as individuals, thus personalization is critical in email marketing. When you're marketing to hundreds of people,
In the inbox, personalized emails stand out as extremely relevant, tailor-made content.

Emails that are personalized are more likely to be opened and clicked on,by sending the correct content to the right people at the right time, personalized emails improve customer experiences.Personalised emails entails using first names and catchy direct subject lines, not just a broad generic sentence.

When marketers use the data of those who subscribe to their list within their email content to make it feel tailored-made for the individual, this is referred to as personalization,and it has become quite important because it enables advertisers to provide subscribers with more relevant, personalized information, it has been shown that it increases open rates and revenue by as much as 550 percent.

Personalization could be the key to getting high open and click through rates on a constant basis. Deloitte estimates that simply mentioning your customer's name in your email marketing can increase open rates by 5.2 percent. Further personalization could result in an increase in open rates of 11 percent to 55 percent.

Personalized emails are also appreciated by customers.  A study by Harris Interactive found that over 80% of people who received personalised emails from vendors would be likely to purchase from them again.



No one will have the time to read through all the email they receive even you, so with the first two points you have personalised your email copy to an extent, so the next thing is to prepare the ground with short straight to the point content where you create the need for what you want to offer in the emails coming in future note that even the most critical emails are skimmed if they are too text-heavy and wordy.

So, if you want your subscribers to read your emails, make them as simple as possible to read. Using more graphics than words in your emails is one method to do this.

If you must send text-based emails, keep them concise and well-structured so that they dont miss out on the need you are trying to create. Avoid extended paragraphs by using bullet points or brief sentences.

Simply put, while writing an email copy, consider whether you would read it if it arrived in your inbox.

It is also important to state here that In order to generate attention and demand, the email copy must be aligned with its function. A demand generation email should be distinct from a lead generation email in that the demand email copy should not be sales-oriented or push for participation.

It's also crucial to think about the language you'll use. Another technique is to make effort in getting to know how to utilize language that they use to describe their challenges and at some point you might want to include a very short 5 question questionaire but this would after series of emails have done the job of creating a need and hinger for what is coming.

When appropriate, light humor and a conversational tone should be used in emails, depending on the intended demographic. This informs recipients that you are a real person, which makes any offers appear more authentic.

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