I cant stress enough the importance of incorporating email marketing to your business if youve not already, 

the benefits are massive especially in the long run and if you are just starting out with little or no capital for monthly subscription, 

I will be showing 5(five) best free email marketing platforms that can take you off the ground with topnoch services and almost same value you get with the paid platforms these free email marketing services here will allow you send thousands of emails per month for free.


1. SendPulse


With a monthly allowance of 15,000 emails and a maximum of 500 subscribers, SendPulse's free plan is one of the most generous in terms of sending limits.

Marketers who want to do more than simply email marketing can use sendPulse's multichannel platform. Web push alerts, SMS, Viber, and even transactional emails through SMTP are all part of its extensive solution set.

Even on the free account, you receive access to some really essential services like autoresponders, A/B testing, and comprehensive reporting like click heat maps and openings by location. The free plan includes web push alerts, and you can also choose a free monthly plan with 12,000 SMTP emails.

Who can benefit from the free plan? Although a multichannel platform may not be for everyone, SendPulse's free plan could save you time and money if your company employs online push or transactional emails to communicate with clients.

SendPulse has SMS marketing, Viber marketing, transactional emails, and more features. Well, Sendpulse's capabilities are fairly versatile and beneficial for a range of sectors, allowing you to design stunning campaigns using responsive email templates and email automation features.





Sendinblue is another free email marketing platform that includes email marketing tools as well as other capabilities like CRM administration and landing page development. 

Sendinblue's email design functions makes it simple to generate a great-looking email style with over 70 design themes and these design templates are responsive and you have the option of previewing your design to see how it looks on any device. 

After you've designed your email, you can utilize features like A/B testing and segmented customer's list to automate the process of refining your campaigns and targeting your ideal audience, saving you time and resources. 

with sendinblue's free plan you can have an unlimited amount of subscribers with a daily email capacity of 300 which is more than enough for any beginner, the only downside to this is that  they have their brand on your emails until you subscribe to a payment plan.


3. MailChimp 


Personally i think due to the fact that mailchimp is user-friendly and it was one of the first major email providers to offer a completely free plan, Mailchimp became a favorite of many bloggers and small companies.
Furthermore, Mailchimp provides superb eCommerce and email marketing solutions.
For up to 2,000 subscribers, the free plan includes 10,000 emails every month
and although you have access to limited functions such as advanced segmentation and delivery by time-zone they however, compliment that with giving you a large subscriber base of 2,000 subscribers which is fine for a beginner just starting out,
but note that you will be unable to contact them via email or chat if you are on the free plan and each email you send also includes a little ad banner of mailchimp.
Mailerlite is another newbie friendly email marketing platform which allows you to have 1000 subscribers with the free plan and 12,000 emails per month, you can have the A/B testing unique feature, even if you have limited experience, the platform's straightforward UI and user-friendly drag-and-drop editor make building email campaigns quite easy.

Moreover, the sophisticated text editor and built-in photo editing feature make MailerLite a terrific free option for creatives and bloggers who want to generate newsletter visuals that match their business.

Apart from email marketing, the free edition includes email automation features such as advanced segmentation, contact tagging, and the company's well-known A/B testing tools. The free version includes reporting and analytics, as well as email campaign reports and surveys. Awesome right?
Mailerlite has really evolved to be one of the best free email marketing software by making some unique features available even on the free plan. 
In the free plan mailerlite gives you access to custom HTML editor you can control from your end.
you can create beautiful email newsletters, surveys and pop-ups and their email templates are mobile friendly which you can also create in minutes.
You can also use delivery-by-time-zone to send a newsletter to your global subscribers at the best possible time and use heatmap analysis to determine which landing page converts the best.


EmailOctopus is another email marketing software you can use as a beginner, the free plan is also robust with 10,000 emails per month and 2,500 subscribers


it is quite simple to use and navigate through,with the easy-to-use email builder,EmailOctopus can be counted as one of the best free email marketing platforms. 

Email list management is also simple and straight to the point, allowing you to quickly add fields, import, and export your lists. 

The free edition comes with all of the segmentation and personalisation tools you'll need to produce better email content that speaks to your target audience.

There you have it 5 best free email marketing platforms favourable for beginners, i hope this post was useful, if you have any questions or suggestions kindly leave me a comment in the comment section below.




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